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Popular traditions and festivals

06 February 2023

Ancestral pagan rites as well as a series of minor but continuous initiatives, especially during the summer season, make a stay in the locality lively and enjoyable.

St. Anthony's Fire, which has been repeating itself for centuries on the eve of the saint's festival (January 16), is one of the most characteristic events on the island. The use of the fragrant local rosemary is one of the peculiarities of the purifying fire that illuminates the town. During the festival, which is celebrated in the district dedicated to the saint, the wine cellars are opened to taste the first wine of the season and the festival's sweet treat: Su Pistiddu. During the cheerful Dorgali Carnival, it is recommended to see the traditional horse race that takes place in the center of the town, along Corso Umberto.

Until a few years ago, there was significant participation in the country festivals, religious-gastronomic events that were celebrated in the charming countryside churches surrounding the town. A rich program of civil and religious events characterizes the  Ferragosto Dorgalese, which lasts for several days during the month of August.

For folklore enthusiasts, the horse procession is an absolute must-see. It is also the ideal occasion to admire traditional costumes, rich in precious jewelry and colors. The festival of St. Cornelius and Cyprian is also highly engaging, with singing and dancing in the square during the first week of September.

Among the festivals, we recommend the fish festival, a delicious gastronomic appointment with products from the Gulf of Orosei held in June in the square of the port of Cala Gonone.

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Get to Cala Gonone

The town can be easily reached from major Sardinian cities (Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Olbia) by taking the s.s. 131 - Abbasanta/Nuoro branch - Lula/Dorgali exit. It is also connected to Cagliari and Olbia by the s.s. 125 (also known as the "Orientale Sarda" because it connects all the towns along the eastern coast of Sardinia), which is longer and more winding, but rich in incredible panoramic views.

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