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Sports activities in Cala Gonone

06 February 2023

A vacation focused on wellness.

Trekking, free climbing, hang gliding and paragliding, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, canyoning, bungee jumping, scuba diving and spelunking are just some of the sports activities that allow you to discover the extremely diverse natural environment of Dorgali and Cala Gonone.

On-site training courses are organized for beginners who want to try these activities for the first time. Professional guides and instructors are also available for more experienced athletes. The territory of Dorgali is a true paradise for nature sports enthusiasts. Modern facilities for traditional sports such as tennis, karting, bocce ball, soccer and volleyball are also available.

The constant mild and temperate climate ensures that sports can be practiced for most of the year.

Discover nature by paddling.

Kayaking and canoeing. Sea and river routes, mild climate for most of the year, professional assistance centers and unique natural scenery make a canoeing vacation enjoyable, comfortable and adventurous. Sea routes are also possible during the winter season in the “January shallows” when the sea is smooth as oil, clouds do not loom on the horizon and the temperature is not rigid. The river route of the artificial basin of Cedrino, fed by karstic waters from Supramonte, combines sports activities with bird-watching, geological observation (notable chromatic alternation between white limestone and dark basalt) and cultural interest (the Nuraghi guarding ancient river penetration routes or the charming church of San Pantaleo located on top of a hill isolated from floodwaters).

Immersed in blue in search of the past.

Countless diving spots, World War II wrecks and submerged caves delight and satisfy divers in search of thrills. The consolidated experience of local diving centers ensures logistical support for divers, sea baptisms and preparation courses for those approaching this fascinating sports activity. Among the most significant dives we recommend: the wreck of Cala Luna, in front of the homonymous beach at a depth of 30 meters, where you can discover the Italian merchant ship Nasello lying on the bottom after being torpedoed during the last war. North of Cala Gonone, two miles from the long beach of Osalla and at a depth of 30 meters, it is possible to discover with several dives the KT 12, a German military cargo ship lying in navigation position.

Itineraries with strong chromatisms created by numerous blue, yellow and orange sponges that adorn walls and rocks on Gononesi seabeds are pleasant surprises reserved for those who enjoy snorkeling or sea-watching; all you need is a mask, fins and snorkel.

Walking between sea and mountain: trekking.

For nature-loving hikers, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to trails. From the exclusive Selvaggio Blu (for the complexity of the route, please refer to specialized guides) which lasts a week and requires good experience and physical preparation to itineraries that can be completed in half a day. We remember the walk along the coast from Fuili beach to the sandy pearl of Cala Luna. The excursion to Gorroppu Gorge with its impressive walls over 400 meters high, among the highest in Europe. Finally, we recommend the itinerary that winds through Suttaterra and Ghivine woods, extensive forests that cover the marine slopes of Supramonte. To reach them you have to leave your car along S.S. 125 towards Baunei (just before kilometer marker 193).

On nature’s wings, flying with hang gliding.

Flying with hang gliding over fairytale scenery in search of freedom and being overwhelmed by the charm of the tormented orography of the mountains below. Equipped tracks accessible by car allow you to easily reach unique take-off points. One for all is near the old tunnel accessible from panoramic viewpoint that opens shortly after tunnel for Cala Gonone.

Riding an emotion.

The small and resilient Sardinian horses offer a unique thrill of riding through breathtaking landscapes discovering an unspoiled environmental heritage. The presence of prepared guides and a riding school guarantee equestrian excursions along valleys rivers mountains and beaches in vast Dorgalese territory. Irresistible is walk in Ilune codula with final destination at renowned Cala Luna

On a bicycle.

On a bicycle you are in close contact with nature and discover the many secrets large and small that environment offers to attentive and curious visitor. The variety of territory offers cyclist a wide range of alternatives: from easy cycling for all enthusiasts on comfortable trails to more challenging mountain biking along steep dirt roads of Supramonte. The availability of rental and assistance centers low car traffic and dense network of rural roads meet diverse needs of two-wheel enthusiasts. For cyclists who want to combine sports activity with beach pleasure we recommend Dorgali/Cala Gonone- Cartoe and Osalla beaches itinerary.

A finger towards the sky: free climbing.

Easy routes suitable for those who want to learn art of climbing with only their hands on steep rock walls. A few tens of meters away long and challenging rock routes tried and tested by best climbers in world.

The curious names of Poltrona and Budinetto indicate two internationally renowned rock gyms. They are easily reached just outside Cala Gonone towards Dorgali turning right on first dirt road. Finally we point out for proximity to Dorgali village La Pineta walls that can be reached directly from long straight road of bypass upstream.

We are here too.

Water skiing canyoning (of great interest is descent along Fuili codula) photographic safaris wildlife sightings clay pigeon shooting tennis (even at night) are some of countless activities available. Fun group sports such as beach volleyball or soccer (even at night) also complete sports and recreational offer of location.

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Get to Cala Gonone

The town can be easily reached from major Sardinian cities (Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Olbia) by taking the s.s. 131 - Abbasanta/Nuoro branch - Lula/Dorgali exit. It is also connected to Cagliari and Olbia by the s.s. 125 (also known as the "Orientale Sarda" because it connects all the towns along the eastern coast of Sardinia), which is longer and more winding, but rich in incredible panoramic views.

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