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Sea equipment and shopping

If you are planning a beach vacation in Cala Gonone, there's nothing better than shopping for beach equipment. And if you are looking for a store that offers everything you need at affordable prices, then "Un mare di gadget" is the right place for you.

"Un mare di gadget" is a business consisting of three stores located in the promenades leading to the central beaches and the port. Here, you can find a wide range of sea equipment, such as fins, masks, and inflatable toys for children, as well as unique souvenirs that will help you remember your vacation.

One of the best things about "Un mare di gadget" is its wide range of products at an affordable price. The store is committed to providing its customers with the sea equipment they need at affordable prices, so that everyone can enjoy their beach vacation without spending a fortune.

For example, you can find high-quality fins and masks at very affordable prices, ideal for exploring the beautiful seabed of the Gulf of Orosei. Moreover, if you are looking for something fun for your children, there are plenty of colorful and creative inflatables to choose from, such as water games, life jackets, and much more.

But "Un mare di gadget" is not just a sea equipment store. Here, you can also purchase souvenirs such as cork objects, leather, and postcards, which will help you remember the unforgettable moments of your beach vacation. And if you are looking for a special gift to take home for your loved ones, this store certainly has something that suits your needs.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and will be ready to assist you in choosing the best products for your needs. If you are unsure of what to buy or need advice, the staff will be happy to lend a hand.


  • Rock shoes - The southern part of the Gulf of Orosei is characterized by mixed beaches of sand, limestone pebbles, and gravel. The most beautiful coves such as Mariolu and Gabbiani may represent a natural foot massage for some, but torture for others. Bringing rock shoes can be an excellent choice for everyone. You can find them at "Un mare di Gadget" shops at a great price.
  • Mask - For snorkeling enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. The crystal-clear waters of the Gulf can be appreciated even without a mask thanks to their clarity, which allows for visibility beyond 10 meters. However, to fully appreciate the fish fauna, the seabed, and the caves, we recommend purchasing a good anti-fog mask.

Get to Cala Gonone

The town can be easily reached from major Sardinian cities (Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Olbia) by taking the s.s. 131 - Abbasanta/Nuoro branch - Lula/Dorgali exit. It is also connected to Cagliari and Olbia by the s.s. 125 (also known as the "Orientale Sarda" because it connects all the towns along the eastern coast of Sardinia), which is longer and more winding, but rich in incredible panoramic views.

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